Weekly, By-weekly, Monthly?


The Dust Fairy has a regular scheduled cleaning routine, and these slots can be booked either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


How often you require or regularly you book The Dust Fairy depends upon you the customer.

However, The Dust Fairy does recommend the bigger the property and the more occupants of the home that is to be cleaned the greater the frequency of scheduled visits by The Dust Fairy.

The main reason is that once the required standard is achieved it is far more cost effective to maintain the standard than to have to reinstate a standard.



The Dust Fairy offers different options for the regular cleaning appointments.

These options include the following; Frequency of visits -

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly

The Dust Fairy Supplied Cleaning Products

Home Owner Supplied Cleaning Products

The Dust Fairy Supplied Cleaning Equipment

Home Owner Supplied Cleaning Equipment  

Please specify the type of requirements for your appointment in the initial contact so that The Dust Fairy can best understand your needs for your appointment.

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